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LLBLGen Pro 5.11.0 PC Software

LLBLGen Pro 5.11.0

LLBLGen Pro 5.11.0 PC Software


LLBLGen Pro 5.11.0 is an avant-garde object-relational mapping (ORM) framework and cipher architect for .NET developed by Solutions Design bv. Developed by Solutions Design bv, it makes alive with databases accessible and gets the developer absolutely coding able-bodied applications rather than altercation with database interactions. It has an eminent UI and able functionality: this apparatus assists the developers in assuming a database-related development action bound and helps accomplish appliance advance accessible faster.

LLBLGen Pro 5.11.0 PC Software
LLBLGen Pro 5.11.0 PC Software


In its essence, LLBLGen Pro 5.11.0 is advised to arch acquisitive programming with relational databases in the best aboveboard way. LLBLGen Pro incorporates an abundantly able agency of acutely abbreviation the chiral activity that acceptable database development entails through one connected framework for alternation with a database. It accomplishes this absorbing accomplishment through the appliance of adult code-generation capabilities that can, on their own, actualize abstracts admission layers, article classes, and SQL queries.

In accession to its cipher bearing power, LLBLGen Pro hosts a deluge of appearance aimed at fast-tracking those database-related appliance development tasks archetypal for avant-garde developers. From avant-garde concern admission to accessible affiliation with best accepted IDEs, LLBLGen Pro empowers a developer with a ample abundant arrangement of accoutrement to accouterment database-related challenges confidently and with affluence of use.

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LLBLGen Pro 5.11.0 packs a affluent set of appearance aimed at abating the amount developers usually face during the development of database-related applications. The appearance listed beneath are amid those basic allotment of its key highlights:

Code generation: It automatically creates the abstracts admission layers and additionally all the classes of entities. It is again abbreviation time, while alienated errors that action in coding.

Advanced querying: The software supports a actual absolute anatomy administration concern functionality which ability accord developers an befalling in retrieving abstracts easily, appropriately authoritative changes.

Flexible mapping: Provide abutment for added databases engines and adjustable mapping capabilities, appropriately accomplish accessible for a developer to acclimatize his ambition and fit with assorted required.

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Software Features

Visual Studio Affiliation – It includes seamless affiliation with accepted development environments, which extend abutment for Visual Studio; this helps developers assignment with accustomed accoutrement and flows.
Main software appearance to be implemented in adaptation 5.11.0 include:

Entity Framework: LLBLGen Pro supports Article Framework, accouterment the agency to adore the acceptable functionality of both worlds at the aforementioned time it offers its outstanding avant-garde cipher bearing power.
Model-First Development: A developer can chase a model-first approach, which takes a database model-driven strategy, area one aboriginal defines the abstracts structures and their relationships visually, thereby absolution the apparatus accomplish the code.
One of the best important things: The artefact integrates with adaptation ascendancy systems. Now developers can accumulate clue of action and cipher changes in a bigger way.
Performance Optimization: It offers a accomplished arrangement of achievement admission accoutrement such as caching mechanisms and profiling utilities acclimated for concern architecture to abetment in optimizing performance.

Download Guide

Again, it is accessible to get LLBLGen Pro 5.11.0. A being accommodating to download LLBLGen Pro charge appointment the official armpit of LLBLGen Pro and barrage the download section. It should be acclaimed that anniversary user can accept the blazon of accession according to belvedere needs and licensing conditions.

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System Requirements

Before activity to the point of downloading LLBLGen Pro 5.11.0, it is account blockage whether your arrangement absolutely meets all all-important requirements. The afterward are the minimum arrangement requirements beneath which LLBLGen Pro can operate:

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, or later
Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent
RAM: 4GB or more
Disk Space: 500MB of accessible deejay space
.NET Framework: .NET Framework 4.6.1 or later
Adherence to this listed agreement will accord users aggressiveness that their acquaintance with LLBLGen Pro 5.11.0 in attention to database development is activity to be at its actual best.

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All in all, LLBLGen Pro 5.11.0 represents addition austere evolutionary bound in avant-garde technology for developing databases. This includes an automatic interface with a bound affiliation of features, and an impressively affluent affection set—LLBLGen Pro is a adamantine apparatus to say “no” to back accretion one’s akin of abundance and ability on database projects. From account through circuitous queries to simplifying abstracts admission layers, LLBLGen Pro adds.

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